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GallioTempo company was born from the passion for watches  instilled to the founder by his grandfather, a farmer from a small town close to Vicenza called Gallio, and who used to show him his collection of pocket watches handed down from father to son through generations.

Eager to find his own way and driven by his passion for watches, he decided to give it a go. His idea was to develop an “adventure” watch which would rate amongst the highest performing and most advanced watches on the market.

GallioTempo is an italian company made up around a dynamic team of young people sharing a common passion for watches.

The idea for the brand name stems from the name of the town of its ancestors, and the company’s first watch, the Trident, is a heartfelt dedication to its rural origins.

GallioTempo is currently one of the very few Italian companies that makes excellent quality hand made and automatic watches. Each and every component is hand-crafted by skilled artisans and the watches are proudly designed and assembled in Turin, exploiting the  quality guaranteed by the best  Italian craftsmanship.

This first watch is further enhanced with precision Citizen Miyota 821A movement and a custom designed rotor with the engraved brand name.

The strap is provided by the well known iWantAStrap brand which enjoys the unique characteristic of being made by sailcloth, the same material used to make ship sails, which guarantee superior performance.


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